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Welcome to The Media Gurus

High quality, fast turn-around media services, at reasonable cost

The Media Gurus is a media consultancy network of experienced media and marketing professionals.

Based in multiple locations in the UK and overseas, with clients located throughout the world.

Media Sales and Publishing, On-line Publishing, Website Design,  E-mail and Viral Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

Advertising and Marketing, Conferences and Exhibitions, Public Relations, Photography, Sales and Presentation Training.

The Media Gurus provide comprehensive services, analysing markets, assisting clients with their product ranges and sourcing new ranges, creating marketing plans, marketing and advertising materials, designing and building websites, e-mail and viral marketing campaigns, videos, social media, SEO and analytics, analysis and reporting of statistics, creation of digital and printed materials and organising exhibitions.

▪ Consultancy - from 60 p/h

▪ Websites - from 600

▪ Print Ads - from 60

▪ E-mail marketing - from 400

▪ E-commerce - from 2,000

▪ Website Ads - from 60



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