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About The Media Gurus

We can fulfill any or all of your media requirements, and at reasonable cost.

The Media Gurus was setup to offer the experience and knowledge of independent media experts, to small and medium size enterprises. 

The Media Gurus started in 2002, to offer a one-stop service for all your media requirements, through our network of independent media experts, our 'Media Gurus'. Our network consists of consultants, freelancers and small companies.

We provide all the services normally associated with much larger organisations and service clients throughout the world.

The difference offered by The Media Gurus, is that we work on a personal level and at reasonable cost to your business.

We aim to offer independent, high quality service covering all aspects of clients media requirements, at reasonable cost. We are independent, nobody owns our company. Therefore you are paying for services directly from The Media Gurus, and not for expensive offices and armchair directors who add to the cost, but not the service.

Dictionaries define 'Guru' as: 

"A Spiritual Parent, a Teacher, a Guide, a Leader in some field, 

a Knowledge wizard, a Resource for others, and a Source of all good."

Guru Ram Das (1534-1581)

Guru Ram Das (1534-1581)

We are Media Gurus since we all have knowledge and experience in our respective fields. This knowledge is a useful resource for all businesses. A resource which we offer at reasonable costs for small, medium and large businesses alike. 

This is the common use of'Guru'. However, Guru is the Spiritual leader of Sikhs. We hope that we are not offending the Sikh religion or community by using his name, which has new meaning, albeit based on the enlightenment brought to the world by Guru 500 years ago.    



About The Media Gurus

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